November 8, 2017

Think!First System Architecture

The system architecture of Think!First is service-oriented and strongly integrative. In the coming months, a digital experimental laboratory will be built step by step, which can be expanded to include clouds, data centers and research IT infrastructure.

Think!First System Architecture

The Setup

Local test and development environments as well as test and production environments in the cloud are set up via infrastructure automation without manual intervention.
All edge services for users and researchers are made available via an application cluster. Mechanisms for service discovery are used for reliable integration. Database backup and recovery can also be performed automatically.

Data Security

Sensitive data is collected in the project Think!First in two different ways:

  • Processed on site and further processed only in anonymised and pseudonymised form
  • GDPR compliant (EU-DSGVO) in a database cluster.

We use a wide range of technical possibilities to meet the requirements of Secure by Design.


The evaluation by the project team is supported by analytics services, which dynamically provide key figures.
We distinguish between real-time aggregations, which take place within the integration in web shops, and aggregations, which can be viewed in analytics dashboards.
From a technical perspective, continuous monitoring takes place that logs and summarizes both system parameters and events in the field test.


Via RESTful API (OpenAPI) and JavaScript integration, new features can be seamlessly embedded in different web shops. All resources required for live operation are provided by the application cluster. Depending on the shop technology used, API-driven services can close the loop by securely processing sensitive data in the background.