April 2, 2019

Results from the survey

Results from the survey

This blog post will summarize the most important results of the accompanying survey. In order to assess the effects of our field test, a survey was created which was used at two different times: before and after the field test. In the first questionnaire, socio-demographic data was collected and purchasing behaviour was assessed. The second questionnaire included questions on the usability of the web shop and suggestions for improvement. Both questionnaires included questions on interest in, perception of and information about sustainable online ordering in order to assess the impact. Now to the detailed results:

Most of the people questioned buy once a month in web shops, the ratio between online shopping and visits to local shops is balanced (50/50). Particularly important for customers are detailed product descriptions and different payment channels. Interestingly, the expressed desire for resource-saving delivery methods such as the train, or for freight bikes for the last mile was high - such options are however currently scarcely offered. For customers of GrĂ¼ne Erde, it is particularly important that the products they buy are produced sustainably. Somewhat contradictory to this is the positive view of free returns, which are still popular.

The usability of the test shop was rated very positively, especially the clear navigation was highlighted. The virtual forest as a central dashboard for sustainable purchasing decisions was considered a highlight. Ideas for more sustainable online orders include: collective orders with pickup from the local shop, an option for longer waiting times if an item is not immediately available, and a direct selection of parcel boxes as destinations.

With regard to the impact of our test shop, it can be said that a positive change can be identified. About 50% of the respondents stated that their opinion on sustainable purchasing behaviour had improved, almost 60% stated that awareness of sustainable decisions had increased. There has been a significant improvement in the level of awareness of environmentally friendly online shopping: customers are now better informed about how to behave more eco-friendly.

In short, a positive conclusion can be drawn at both the qualitative and quantitative level. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants of the questionnaire study once again :).